How to Evaluate an Elastic SQL Database
LIVE WEBINAR | May 25th, 2017 | 1:30pm EDT (10:30am PDT | 6:30pm BST)

Database evaluations typically boil down to three key areas: performance, availability, and feature support. Yet the requirements of today’s modern applications require a more nuanced and forward-looking approach than typical database evaluation plans allow.

For instance:

+ Always-on applications require not just high availability, but continuous availability
+ Variable load and high-growth applications need the ability to adjust performance and scale cost-effectively and elastically
+ Many applications need not just cloud deployment options, but also hybrid cloud and active-active capabilities

Join this webinar for a technical discussion about how to evaluate an elastic SQL database, why it’s different from evaluating a traditional database, and what to consider during your evaluation.
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Jeff Boehm, CMO, NuoDB
As Chief Marketing Officer at NuoDB, Jeff defines and executes NuoDB’s go-to-market approach and drives all aspects of corporate and product marketing to create and capitalize on market demand. Jeff draws on more than 25 years’ experience of spurring customer adoption for pioneering data management companies through targeted product and company positioning and program execution.

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Tim Tadeo, Solutions Architect, NuoDB
As Senior Solutions Architect at NuoDB, Tim Tadeo leads technical customer engagements and discussions to best help our customers understand the technical value of NuoDB. Tim Tadeo has over 20 years experience in transactional, warehouse and analytical DBMSs.
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