5 TechTalks That Will Inspire Your Next-Gen Banking Journey in the Cloud


Join NuoDB and Temenos for a 5-part webinar series...

  • Monday, April 13th, 2020  |  11am Singapore (GMT +8)
    3 Best Practices You Need to On-Ramp to Cloud
    -  Boris Bulanov, VP of Technology, NuoDB
    -  Wesam Zahran, Principal Technical Consultant, Business Solutions Group, Europe, Temenos

  • Monday, April 20th, 2020  | 11am Singapore (GMT +8)
    Do More Clouds = Better Scalability, Availability, Flexibility?
    -  Ariff Kassam, CTO, NuoDB 
    -  Martin Bailey, Director of Innovation, Temenos

  • Monday, April 27th, 2020  | 11am Singapore (GMT +8)
    Transition to the Cloud Without Compromises
    -  Simon Ambridge, Solution Engineering Lead, EMEA, NuoDB 
    -  Simon Henman, Senior Product Manager, Banking Performance, Temenos

  • Monday, May 4th, 2020  | 11am Singapore (GMT +8)
    It’s Time to Modernize Your Enterprise SQL Apps 
    -  Joe Leslie, Senior Product Manager, NuoDB 
    -  Nanda Badrappan, Product Director - Cloud Solution Technologies, Temenos

  • Monday, May 11th, 2020  | 11am Singapore (GMT +8)
    Case Study: Digital Bank Reaps Advantages with Inter-Cloud Capabilities
    -  Ariff Kassam, CTO, NuoDB 
    - Tony Coleman, Cloud Technology Director, Temenos 

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Monday, April 13th, 2020  |  11am Singapore (GMT +8)

Part 1:
3 Best Practices You Need to On-Ramp to Cloud

The challenge that traditional financial services organizations face is not only the need to transform outdated legacy systems and commit to new technologies, but also to deliver richer and more agile online services. You need technologies that enable you to move your legacy applications to the cloud and build new cloud-native applications to meet customer demands.

Join our webinar to learn best practices in:

  • Pacing cloud adoption so you can move banking applications to the cloud on your timeline
  • Selecting cloud-native, cloud-agnostic banking solutions that help you deliver on customer demands
  • Choosing a relational database that supports modern architectures

Now you can deploy critical banking applications where you want, when you want, and how you want.

Monday, April 20th, 2020  | 11am Singapore (GMT +8)

Part 2:
Do More Clouds = Better Scalability, Availability, Flexibility?

Whether you are moving mission critical applications to the cloud or building new applications directly in the cloud, you must think ahead. Regulations, inter-cloud operations, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery are all critical components to your success. How can you ensure that you build for future flexibility and high availability? How do you keep infrastructure and operations cost reasonable and predictable? Join Ariff Kassam, CTO from NuoDB for this educational webinar as they explore multi-cloud deployment models in-depth. You will learn:

  • How you can benefit from multi-cloud deployments
  • Why cloud-native is key to success
  • How cloud-agnostic solutions impact deployment options
  • What’s driving cloud priorities for financial organizations
  • How to maintain high availability in a cloud-first environment

Monday, April 27th, 2020  | 11am Singapore (GMT +8)

Part 3:
Transition to the Cloud Without Compromises

Digital transformation is continuously disrupting industries, particularly financial services organizations, in an unprecedented way. Why? Two key reasons: customer demand and business agility. The monolithic databases that enterprise organizations have relied on for decades for core business operations cannot support the requirements of the financial services industry today. To be competitive in the market, FinServ applications must be immediately consistent, continuously available, able to scale out and in on demand, and agile enough to maintain compliance with changing regulations. While legacy database infrastructure powered much of the banking industries’ applications to date, to do so many organizations have accumulated significant technical debt. As forward-thinking enterprises move to the cloud, experts like you are seeking solutions to reduce technical debt while increasing business agility. So what can you do to transition more seamlessly to the cloud? Scale Out. Still SQL.Join us for this technical webinar and you’ll learn:
  • How to meet customer demands for application availability and agility
  • How to migrate to the cloud without rearchitecting every application
  • How to use distributed SQL databases as your on-ramp to the cloud
  • How to lower TCO and improve performance within your business-critical applications

Monday, May 4th, 2020  | 11am Singapore (GMT +8)

Part 4:
It’s Time to Modernize Your Enterprise SQL Apps

Realize the benefits of cloud native computing by migrating your legacy SQL applications in a Kubernetes environment
Your legacy SQL application IT infrastructure is holding you back. It's expensive, hard to maintain and secure, and requires significant IT investments from your organization when you try to deliver the on demand scale and continuous availability that your customers demand. Yet, you don't want to throw away your entire investment in your existing SQL applications. It’s time to modernize by leveraging cloud-native and Kubernetes and NuoDB, a leading cloud-native distributed database. Together, these technologies allow you to migrate existing enterprise SQL applications to a cloud-native on-premises environment, private or public cloud environment, or a hybrid deployment. The choice is yours. Join this webinar to learn how to:
  • Lower IT costs and ease your management burden by moving your legacy stateful SQL applications to hybrid, private, or public cloud environments
  • Scale elastically to meet ever-changing application workload demands
  • Deliver continuously available applications that meets your aggressive SLAs
  • Simplify your build, deploy, runtime, and monitoring processes with cloud-native solutions such as OpenShift by leveraging the benefits of Kubernetes, Operators, and persistent storage
  • Focus on your business differentiation, not maintaining legacy IT infrastructure

Monday, May 11th, 2020  | 11am Singapore (GMT +8)

Part 5: Case Study: Digital Bank Reaps Advantages with Inter-Cloud Capabilities

Traditional financial institutions are beginning to move critical core banking applications to the cloud, while new challengers in the form of digital-only banks are gaining millions of new accounts. These digital banks must meet their customers’ real-time demands while complying with new and changing regulatory requirements to ensure data privacy, security, and availability. Join us for this webinar to explore a case study featuring a new Hong Kong digital bank. Learn how they combined Temenos T24 Transact, a cloud-native, cloud-agnostic core banking solution, with NuoDB’s revolutionary distributed SQL database to:

  • Deploy a fault tolerant multi-cluster environment across multiple clouds
  • Use microservices, containers, and Kubernetes to increase speed to market
  • Reduce TCO with on-demand scalability and built-in continuous availability

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Simon Ambridge
Senior Solutions Architect, NuoDB

As a Senior Solutions Architect at NuoDB, Simon Ambridge helps customers design and deploy the transition of legacy applications to cloud-based applications at financial services organizations. Simon has in-depth consulting experience in delivering solutions using Oracle SaaS, PaaS, EPM/Hyperion, Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM), Oracle Engineered Systems (Exadata, Exalytics), plus integration with distributed systems and Big Data. Simon brings over 25 years expertise in designing, building, implementing, and supporting large and complex Oracle Hyperion & E-Business Suite solutions at clients such as the Financial Services Authority, Olympic Delivery Authority, BT and RBS.