Charting a Course through Disrupted Waters, Financial Services See Cloud Ahead

In Nature and In Business, Disruption and Competition Drive Change

The Financial Services industry is undergoing a huge disruption. Strengthening capabilities in the Asia Pacific (APAC) and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions in addition to the emergence of digital-only challenger banks have contributed to both phenomenal growth in the financial services industry and to new forms of competition.

Digital transformation driven by competition from more agile players in the banking ecosystem has only just begun, and traditional brick-and-mortar organizations are already finding themselves competing with increasingly capable online providers -- competitors who are unencumbered by technical debt. These new competitive forces are driving financial services organizations to adopt new operating models to stay in the game.

This eBook will discuss:

  • The change drivers for traditional banks
  • The inflection points for financial services undergoing digital transformation
  • How to design for agility, flexibility, and elasticity

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