Choosing the Best Database for Your Cloud Application
LIVE WEBINAR | June 8th, 2017 | 1:30pm EDT (10:30am PDT | 6:30pm BST)

Software development organizations face almost too many choices when it comes to databases. Between traditional relational databases, open source options, cloud databases, and other flavors of NoSQL, trying to determine which type of database is most suitable for your cloud application can be overwhelming.

In this webinar our guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst Noel Yuhanna, will discuss:

+   The different types of operational databases
+   How to determine which database type is best for your application
+   Database requirements for cloud applications
+   Pros and cons of each type of database in a cloud environment

Then NuoDB VP of Products Ariff Kassam will discuss the emergence of elastic SQL databases and how they’re uniquely suited to meet the needs of today’s cloud applications.

Save Your Seat
Noel Yuhanna, Principal Analyst, Forrester
Noel covers big data, data warehouses, Hadoop, in-memory, databases, NoSQL, data integration, data virtualization, data archiving, cloud, ETL, information fabric, big data integration, data management, data tools, and data security for Enterprise Architecture Professionals. His current focus is on Forrester Wave™ evaluations, customer experience, industry trends, new and emerging markets, and architecture.
Ariff Kassam, VP of Products, NuoDB
Ariff is responsible for defining and driving NuoDB’s product strategy. Kassam brings 20 years of database and infrastructure experience to NuoDB to help the company achieve its vision of a global database that can manage an organization’s most valuable data while exploiting the emerging benefits of modern infrastructures such as cloud and containers.
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