Liberating SQL Databases for Cloud and On-Premise Capacity and Performance

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How can enterprises with highly transactional systems of record harness the power and flexibility of memory-centric computing and the cloud? Typically, relational SQL databases require single-server architectures, which makes scaling with fluctuating demands both expensive and time consuming.

Meanwhile, limitations of main memory lead to a storage-centric approach, requiring large hard-drives and slow data transfer speeds to and from the CPU. Using Intel® OptaneTM DC persistent memory technology together with NuoDB’s distributed SQL database, enterprises can make the most of what the cloud has to offer while adhering strictly to SQL database rules of operation.

Together, NuoDB and Intel change the game by offering:

  • Strict transactional consistency in an SQL interfaceIntel-logo.png
  • On-demand scalability with continuous availability
  • In-memory computing for faster data transfer time
  • Accelerated data computation

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