Move Critical Transaction Processing to the Cloud with Google, Intel, and NuoDB

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In the past, enterprises struggled to move highly transactional systems of record to the cloud. Relational SQL databases required single-server architectures, which made scaling with fluctuating demands both expensive and time consuming. At the same time, limitations of main memory led to a storage-centric approach, which required large hard-drives and slow data transfer speeds to and from the CPU. 

To harness the scalability, performance, and cost advantages of the cloud, enterprises need the right solutions for migrating their transactional workloads and legacy SQL databases. Learn how enterprises can make the most of what the cloud has to offer from Google Cloud Platform, Intel® OptaneTM DC persistent memory, and NuoDB’s distributed SQL database.  

Google Cloud Platform, Intel, and NuoDB expand cloud SQL database solutions by offering:

  • Intel-logo.pngStrict transactional consistency 
  • Faster response, greater capacity, and scalability
  • Memory-centric computing 
  • Resiliency and efficiency
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