Introduction to NuoDB's Elastic SQL Database
LIVE WEBINAR | Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | 3:30pm EDT (12:30pm PDT | 8:30pm GMT)

Digital transformation initiatives are driving technical changes throughout the organization. But the database remains stubbornly resistant to change. In this webinar, we’ll discuss new database requirements for today’s modern cloud- and container-based architectures, and introduce NuoDB: the Elastic SQL Database. 

We’ll demonstrate how NuoDB: 

  • Retains ACID guarantees and an ANSI SQL interface, while 
  • Elastically scaling on demand, and 
  • Ensuring continuous availability through active-active deployment 

In addition to a live demo, NuoDB VP of Products, Ariff Kassam, will also highlight the benefits that can be derived, including: 

  • Lowering total cost of ownership 
  • Deployment flexibility 
  • Improved performance and availability 
  • Faster time to market
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Ariff Kassam, VP of Products, NuoDB
Ariff is responsible for defining and driving NuoDB’s product strategy. Kassam brings 20 years of database and infrastructure experience to NuoDB to help the company achieve its vision of a global database that can manage an organization’s most valuable data while exploiting the emerging benefits of modern infrastructures such as cloud and containers.