Introducing NuoDB 4.0:

Cloud-native, Cloud-agnostic Distributed SQL Database


Introducing the latest version of NuoDB's distributed SQL database, version 4.0, which provides cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, and autonomous database management with always-on fault-tolerant database resiliency and on-demand scale out and scale in that adapts to ever changing SQL application transactional throughput requirements. The latest updates include Kubernetes Operator support and Azure and Google Cloud Platform certification. NuoDB 4.0 also provides additional security functionality, new domain and database management capabilities, and significantly improves application availability and performance by creating database indexes online.

Attend this webinar to learn: 

  • How to easily deploy NuoDB in popular  public cloud platforms, such as Amazon, Google, and Azure
  • How the NuoDB Administrative capabilities simplify database and domain operations
  • How to use expression-based indexes and online index creation to improve application availability and performance
  • Why there’s new database and client software packaging and how to use it
Attend On-Demand
Joe Leslie
Senior Product Manager, NuoDB

As Senior Product Manager at NuoDB, Joe Leslie helps drive NuoDB product releases and roadmap to ensure NuoDB's database leadership position delivering elastic SQL Database scale-out and continuous availability for Hybrid Cloud Applications. Joe has over 20 years of experience delivering database products and management tools in the transactional and analytical database market place.

Lisa Haswell
Director of Customer Success, NuoDB

Lisa Haswell directs NuoDB's services and IT divisions, leading the worldwide services team and liaising between the services and engineering teams at NuoDB. Her dedication to collaboration, communication, flexibility, and customer service is her only focus, advocating tirelessly for all NuoDB users.