In the NuoDB Test Drive, you'll not only set up a NuoDB database across three virtual hosts on your laptop or desktop, you'll also:

  • Learn/use basic commands to operate and manage a NuoDB database
  • Explore NuoDB's ability to scale out and run across containers, VMs,
    or hosts
  • Watch engine processes shut down/fail without database interruption
  • Enforce minimum service levels using NuoDB's automation templates 

Available in the cloud or on-premises, NuoDB is an ACID-compliant, SQL database that delivers: 

  • Easy-to-use database administration
  • Continuous availability
  • Elastic scale-out/in
  • Single and multi-data center deployment

This 20-minute* Test Drive runs in Docker containers on your Linux-based machine or on Amazon Web Services EC2.

By downloading the NuoDB Test Drive, you accept our terms and conditions.

Note: If you’re a Windows user interested in evaluating NuoDB, please click here.

* The Test Drive will take longer if you don't have Java 7 or 8 installed on your machine. 


NuoDB Test Drive