Customers rely on NuoDB's distributed SQL database to maintain the transactional consistency, data durability, and SQL familiarity of traditional relational databases while accessing the dynamic scaling, cost advantages, and automated resiliency of the cloud.

This 30-day, self-directed trial is designed to help you understand how NuoDB works in your environment, with your data, and your workloads and will enable you to test:

  • Elastic scale
  • Resiliency / Continuous availability
  • Full redundancy

After a short discussion with one of our consultants about your project, you'll get access to the NuoDB self-directed trial, which is limited to five Transaction Engines (TEs) and two Storage Managers (SMs) in a single data center.

For a more robust evaluation, contact us about scheduling a Proof of Concept.

If you aren't ready to talk to us quite yet, take a look at our evaluation page for other download options.

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